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The action movie has died like so many faceless bad guys.

Roses and Rattlesnakes drags the Hollywood action movie kicking and screaming across the gender divide and into the 21st century; rebuilding the genre by giving the audience believable characters, smart dialogue and an intelligent script.

Meredith Burns (CYD CASADOS) is an exfiltration specialist. Working her way from Stanford through the army, to the CIA and now freelance, she has become respected and admired. If someone is somewhere they don't want to be, Meredith Burns can get them out in one piece with a minimum of fuss.

Sara (SABINE CROSSEN) wanted to be, like her father before her, a US Marine recon sniper. Sara found out that her big mouth and the army were not a good fit. Sara was dishonourably discharged and was eventually hired by Meredith.

Tulip (FIONA RENE) is a killer. A native American of seemingly indeterminate age, Tulip was once described by Sara as “The patron saint of assassins and motherfuckers”. Tulip has often been the last face a dying man sees. No one knows how she got that way and no one wants to ask. Meredith hired Tulip to keep everyone alive, even if it gets bloody.

After 7 years apart , our three heroines are brought back together when Meredith is told by her former employer, NSA handler, Slate, that Tulip has an estranged daughter, Maria. It transpires that Maria's father, now deceased, was highly placed in the Sandoval drug cartel. Maria has been kidnapped and is being used as a bargaining chip by the rival Madeiros cartel. She is being held by the Madeiros's top man in the US, the charming but ruthless Linton Duvall.

Fearing this may lead too a cartel war, Slate offers Meredith a lot of money to bring Maria back alive in 96 hours, before he sends in a strike that would probably result in her death.

Meredith regathers her crew, Sara, an inexplicably reluctant Tulip, along with new recruit, a young NSA cyber specialist named Yoyo Johnson and they hatch a plan to get Maria back.

The plan involves kidnapping Duvall's niece, Caitlin and then exchanging her for Maria. However after grabbing Caitlin they find that things are not what they seem.

A carefully engineered double-cross sees Meredith's's crew with both Maria and Caitlin in tow, and now on the run from both Linton Duvall and Slate, the NSA handler who hired them in the first place.

Thrown together and forced to depend on one another, a killer learns to be a mother, a victim of abuse learns that she can rediscover trust and some very broken people learn to be a family.

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